Afro-Modern Dining Experience in Glasgow

Discover the finest Afro-modern dining experience in Glasgow at Afrikana

Glasgow has always been popular because of its dynamic food landscape. Thus, following our triumph in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, and beyond, we decided to bring Afrikana to Glasgow, a move that paid off, thanks to the amazing response we got over the last few months.


Afrikana is famous for its eclectic palate and the people here promised to embrace our unique blend of Afro-modern dining experience in Glasgow. Our menu is a symphony of authentic African flavours fused with contemporary twists, meticulously curated to tantalise your taste buds. From traditional favourites to innovative creations, every dish reflects the rich tapestry of Africa and its diaspora. This is what helped us hit the headlines in Glasgow.


Afro-Modern Dining Experience Glasgow

Experiencing Afro-modern dining at Afrikana in Glasgow


Welcome to Afrikana, where we offer a culinary odyssey through the diverse and vibrant flavours of Africa right in the heart of Glasgow. Our restaurant celebrates the rich tapestry of African cuisine, from the fiery stews of West Africa to the fragrant curries of the East. But that’s just the beginning! We’ve taken extra care to ensure our Afro-modern dining experience in Glasgow caters to everyone, introducing modern interpretations of these traditional dishes, carefully crafted to tantalise the taste buds of everyone around, while preserving the essence and authentic flavours.


At Afrikana, our star dishes shine bright, inviting you to indulge in culinary delights such as ‘We’ll Have It All,’ a tantalising array of grilled wings, fried hot ‘n honey wings, chicken tenders, accompanied by lady fingers, hummus, bread, and halloumi fries, served with mango salsa. Craving something adventurous? Sink your teeth into ‘Cheeky Chops,’ tender marinated lamb chops glazed in a spicy Afrikana sauce, paired with fresh coleslaw and pomegranate seeds. For a taste of Cajun flair, dive into ‘Jammin Jambalaya,’ a classic fusion of diced chicken, prawns, mixed veggies, and jollof rice, infused with our signature Afrikana sauce.


For those seeking to share the joy of Afro-modern dining experience in Glasgow, our generous sharing platters like ‘We Meat Again’ await, offering a delightful selection of lamb chops, grilled chicken wings, whole chicken, steaks, and house special prawns, served with a side of fries, jollof rice, rice ‘n peas, and coleslaw.


But we haven’t forgotten about our littlest diners! Afrikana has become a hotspot for families and friends alike, and we’ve curated a special menu just for kids. Treat them to ‘Tiny Tenders,’ crispy chicken tenders served with fries and ketchup, or watch them delight in the ‘Hulk Smash,’ a smash burger served with fries and ketchup.


Join us at Afrikana for an unforgettable Afro-modern dining experience in Glasgow, where every dish tells a story and every bite is a journey of flavours.


Why choose Afrikana?


At Afrikana, we’re not just another restaurant; we’re your destination for an unparalleled Afro-modern dining experience in Glasgow. Our culinary adventure merges the vibrant essence of Africa with Halal principles, creating a unique fusion of flavours. From carnivorous delights to herbivore-friendly options, our diverse menu ensures there’s something for everyone. Committed to Halal practices and sourcing fresh, authentic ingredients, we promise an unforgettable journey through Africa’s rich culinary heritage. So, whether you arrive with an appetite, a sense of curiosity, or both, prepare to savour the distinctive blend of taste and tradition that awaits you at Afrikana!